Figure Studies From Life

I have an irristable urge to draw something everyday, so it means I am rarely without a sketch book and pencil.  

My present modus operandi may be helpful:

  • A Map Wallet (available from an Outdoor shop).  Tip: Make sure there is an opening at the top of the wallet.  This means all my sketching equipment is in one place and is readily available.
  • An A5 sketchbook.  I prefer Daler Rowney.  I’m presently sketching in Pastel and use a Daler Rowney Pastel Pad.
  • Factis Eraser.  In my opinion these are better than a putty rubber.
  • Stabio 1400/655 Pencil GB and 6B Pencils

Tip:  A pencil sharpener stuck to the back of the sketchbook, with a strip of fine sandpaper adhered to the inside cover means you are not searching for things when you could be sketching!

There is a constant supply of models when you are sketching in a parked car, whether people at a bus stop or drivers’ arguing with parking attendants.  Although for the later you have to be pretty quick and discreet!